Gentleman’s Blade is a very small ‘online’ straight razor specialty shop. Whether you’re new to straight razor shaving, or a seasoned user, we hope you’ll find something that will enhance your enjoyment of shaving with a straight.

We’re always on the lookout for a rare vintage, antique or NOS (new old stock) razor, and many collectors check back regularly to see what we’ve got coming in. (The majority of our rare collectible razors are actually pre-sold before they ever arrive. So if you see something you like; pounce on it.) Any razor you buy from us will be shipped fully shave ready; honed and stropped. We offer straight razor honing, but also encourage our customers to hone their own razors, providing custom video training and ongoing support with the purchase of JNat or Coticule whetstones.

The items we choose to carry are hand picked for straight razor shavers, but all wet shavers will find a selection of high quality shaving products. Our blog offers how-to shaving articles and answers to common straight razor shaving questions. Happy shaving!

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