About Us

Gentleman’s Blade is a very small ‘online’ straight razor specialty shop. Whether you’re new to straight razor shaving, or a seasoned user, we hope you’ll find something that will enhance your enjoyment of shaving with a straight.

We’re always on the lookout for a rare vintage, antique or NOS (new old stock) razor, and many collectors check back regularly to see what we’ve got coming in. (The majority of our rare collectible razors are actually pre-sold before they ever arrive. So if you see something you like; pounce on it.) Any razor you buy from us will be shipped fully shave ready; honed and stropped. We offer straight razor honing, but also encourage our customers to hone their own razors, providing custom video training and ongoing support with the purchase of JNat or Coticule whetstones.

The items we choose to carry are hand picked for straight razor shavers, but all wet shavers will find a selection of high quality shaving products. Our blog offers how-to shaving articles and answers to common straight razor shaving questions. Happy shaving!

Richard has been sharpening blades since 1996. Hunting and chef knives, woodworking chisels and planes, straight razors… As with many straight razor honing professionals, he got caught up for a while in the extreme edge battle, picking up the nickname “ricky2sharp” in the process. (“Too sharp” for comfort. With CBN spray on nano cloth or kangaroo, it’s possible to achieve crazy-sharp 100,000+ grit edges, but they aren’t very forgiving.) Today, he focuses on delivering a very sharp, but comfortable edge. He believes that a quick shave test is the only true test of a sharp, comfortable shaving edge across the length of the blade. (It is possible for a razor to pass a hanging hair test, but not shave all that well.) Every blade is stropped, shave tested, sanitized with alcohol, wrapped in Daubert Cromwell VCI anti-corrosion paper, and sealed with wax.

Cole is a copywriter, content marketer and web developer. One of his companies, Whitewolf Design, builds e-commerce websites and they provide order fulfillment services. He’s also a straight razor enthusiast and rocks an impressive ‘stache. In 2015 Cole had two very bad experiences when sending out a razor for honing (not here). Early in 2016, he sent out a lovely near-new Dovo to another well-known Canadian honemeister. The razor came back unusable. When Cole politely mentioned the problem to the honing professional, to his surprise he was treated with considerable rudeness; the honemeister insulted his integrity, threw back the money and refused to fix the edge. Enter Gentleman’s Blade… ricky2sharp was able to correct the bad edge and Cole was assured that if he was ever dissatisfied with one of his edges, he would be only too happy to refund the cost of honing, and would of course re-hone it with a smile.

Impressed with the friendly professional service and great edges Richard provided, a partnership opportunity presented itself. Cole blogs and posts to social media channels for Gentleman’s Blade. As of March 2016, Cole oversees order fulfillment, and is involved with every order. You can expect to receive personal emails and hand written notes from Cole. He’s also apprenticing as a honing professional, and his Jnat edges now rival the master’s.

Cole has become the face of Gentleman’s Blade. If you have any questions about shaving with a straight, honing, straight razors and brushes, wet shaving, or moustache care, please email him at cole@gentlemansblade.com or call him at 778-960-1404.

Why Gentleman’s Blade? Bigger is not always better. As a very small online-only store, there are things we can offer that the big boys cannot. We personally test each product brand we carry. Look for our staff picks. We shave test each razor we send out; then sanitize it, apply a thin coat of Dovo razor oil, wrap it in Daubert Cromwell VCI anti-corrosion paper, and apply a wax seal. If you purchase a honing whetstone from us, we’ve hone and shave tested it, and will provide a tutorial video, honing a razor to fully shave ready on the stone you’ll receive. We can provide better communication and order/shipping updates, and are very hands on with preparing and shipping each order.