Beginner-Friendly Shave Ready Straight Razors

If you’re new to straight razors, or buying a razor for someone just starting out with a straight, it’s generally recommended that new shavers avoid a square or ‘spike’ point, and select a round point instead. There’s less chance of nicking the skin as new skills and muscle memory develop. A nimble, easy-to-control razor, of 4/8 to 6/8, is also a better choice than a big “bad boy” cleaver. If you have a tough beard, you may find the lighter 4/8, 9/16 and 5/8 blades don’t have enough weight to them. All of our new and vintage straight razors are honed and fully shave ready. You can shave with them as soon as you open the package, without stropping first.

A good beginner strop is a simple board or loom-style paddle strop. If home honing is your desired path, a Swedish made razor typically has harder steel, making it more difficult to damage the blade by over-honing. For those who prefer to avoid stropping and honing altogether, a Shavette razor offers the convenience of replaceable blades.

We’ve put together a collection of straight razor choices suitable for new straight razor shavers below, compiled from the new, vintage and Shavette categories.

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