Hone of the Day: Baxter of California / Hart Steel

Hone of the Day: Baxter of California / Hart Steel

One of the straight razors I honed today was rather unique, a Baxter of California limited edition release, made by Hart Steel. I don’t usually tape spines, but did so on this one, because of the blued steel.

I was honing and honing, and 20 minutes later I still didn’t have what I considered to be a shave ready edge. So I Googled the razor… aha, they tempered the steel to 63 Rockwell hardness (HRC). A few minutes later, the edge finally came around, and I was able to shave test it. It was finished on an Ozuku Misu Asagi Lv 5++ JNat whetstone. Shaved really well, and it should hold the edge for quite some time.

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In the photo:
Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood shaving cream
Dovo 3580 Bergischer Löwe straight razor (new)
Ezra Arthur English bridle leather/linen strop
Stirling “Kong” synthetic shaving brush (new)