Arko (shaving soaps)


Barrister & Mann (artisan shaving soaps, aftershaves)
Böker (straight razors)
Bump Eraser
Bronson Soap Company (artisan shaving soaps)


Captain’s Choice (shaving soaps, aftershaves, after shave balms, shaving bowls)
Captain Fawcett (moustache care products)
Colonel Conk (styptic pencils)
Clubman Pinaud (shaving soap, aftershave and other shaving products)
CRUX (artisan pre-shave oils, shaving soap, shaving bowls, aftershaves)


Dovo (straight razors, strops, moustache scissors)
D.R. Harris & Co. (shaving soaps, aftershaves)
Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap Co. (shaving soaps, aftershaves)


e.l.f. (nick and cut concealer)
Elvado (shaving soaps, aftershave balms)


Feather (barber razors, blades)
First Canadian Shave Soap Co. (artisan shaving soap)
Flöid (pre-shave oils, aftershaves)


Geo F. Trumper (shaving soaps, ‘Skin Food’ aftershave balms)


Henri et Victoria (artisan shaving soap, aftershaves, after shave balms, shaving brushes)


Kent (handmade hair brushes, saw cut combs, shaving brushes, shaving soap)


LEA (shaving soap, aftershaves)


Midnight & Two (artisan pre-shave oils, shaving soaps, after shave balms)
Mitchell’s (Mitchell’s Wool Fat shaving soap, hand soap, shampoo, body wash)


Oscar’s Oil (pre-shave oils)


Pacific Shaving Company (styptic pencils)
Parker (razors, strops, and wet saving accessories)
Premier Strop Co. (straight razor strops)
Progress Vulfix (affordable badger shaving brushes)
Proraso (pre-shave creams, shaving soap, aftershaves, and styptic gel)


Soapy Bathman (artisan shaving soap, aftershaves)
Shavex (alum blocks)
Stirling Soap Company (artisan shaving soap, aftershaves, shaving brushes)


Tabac (shaving soap, aftershave)
Taylor of Old Bond Street (pre-shave oils, shaving soaps, aftershaves, shampoos, hand soaps)
The Legends London (styptic matchsticks)
Thiers Issard (straight razors, strop compounds)


Urban Beard (moustache scissors, wax and comb)

Vintage Brand Pages

A.W. Wadsworth & Sons (straight razors)
Bismarck Razor Works / Arthur Müller (straight razors)
Carl Monkhouse (straight razors)
C. Friedr. Ern & Co. (straight razors)
C-Mon (straight razors and brushes)
C.V. Heljestrand (straight razors)
C.W. Dahlgren (straight razors)
Daishi (straight razors)
Dr. Balfanz (straight razors)
Dovo (straight razors)
Dorko (straight razors)
dubl duck (straight razors and shaving brushes)
Edv. Neiström (straight razors)
Ed. Wüsthof Trident (straight razors)
Erik Anton Berg (straight razors)
Ever-Ready (shaving brushes)
Filarmónica (straight razors)
Frederick Reynolds (straight razors)
Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn (straight razors)
F.W. Engels (straight razors)
F. W. Söderén & Co. (straight razors)
Geneva Cutlery Co. (straight razors)
George Wostenholm & Son (straight razors)
Gevoso (straight razors)
Globusmen (straight razors)
Gotta (straight razors)
Hayashi Diamond (straight razors)
Harris Bros. & Co. (straight razors)
Hess (straight razors)
Hugo Köller (straight razors)

Iwasaki (straight razors)
J.A. Hellberg (straight razors)
J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk
(straight razors)
Jernbolaget (straight razors)
Joh. Engström (straight razors
Joseph Elliot & Sons (straight razors)
Joseph Rodgers & Sons (straight razors)
J.R. Torrey (straight razors)
Klas Törnblom (straight razors)
Le Grelot (straight razors)
Le Moulin Rasoir (straight razors)
Made Rite (shaving brushes)
Parker (straight razors)
Peter J Michels C-Mon (straight razors)
Puma (straight razors)
R. Holder (by Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn – straight razors)
Real Red Point (straight razors)
Renaissance (straight razors)
Rich Schmitz (straight razors)
Rubberset (shaving brushes)
S.R. Droescher (straight razors)
SSA (straight razors)
Strong Set (shaving brushes)
Takehana FON / FeoN (straight razors)
Tennis Fritz Bracht (straight razors)
Wade & Butcher (straight razors)
W.H. Morley & Sons (straight razors)
Wm. Greaves and Sons (straight razors)
W.R. Case & Sons (straight razors)