Dr. Jon’s Shaving Soap Co.

Jon Eplin and his wife spent some years working in the finance and banking industries, working tirelessly and with no life at all. They desperately needed to take more time off to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.

Jon checked out wet shaving and fell in love, purchasing his first brush, DE razor and a variety of blades. He quickly discovered that the hated chore of the morning shave had become a ritual he now cherished and looked forward to. He was pleasantly surprised by the quality of shave he enjoyed, the pleasure of experiencing new exciting fragrances, and the skin pampering obtained from a multitude of fragrant soaps and creams. He couldn’t stop talking about it, with his wife, friends and even the bartender at the local watering hole. His obsession evolved into a business, and Dr. Jon’s now strives to produce the finest vegan shaving soaps and aftershave tonics on the planet.