Henri et Victoria

Claude Pilon, Henri et VictoriaClaude Pilon is a Canadian bio-chemist and lawyer by trade, based in Quebec, who also happens to make incredible artisanal shaving soaps. He decided to start producing high quality soap in 2014. The idea was brought on by an artisan shaving-soap gift, that he’d received for his anniversary. He named the company after his two small children, Henri, and Victoria.

A self-confessed “tinkerer”, Claude has achieved great success with his brand, largely due to his constant need to innovate, and expand the range. In two short years, the evolution of products now extends to artisan shaving soap, aftershaves, after-shave balms, and shaving brushes.

The shaving brushes have an interesting back-story, as Claude identified a need for good, durable brushes, but needed to develop prototypes. He launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, which was well received, and successful. Thus, the Henri et Victoria luxury high mountain white badger hair shaving brushes were developed, with meticulous attention to softness, and durability. They serve as excellent, long-lasting gifts when paired with a Henri et Victoria shaving soap and after-shave, at very affordable prices.