Midnight & Two

Midnight & Two is an artisan product line that covers the complete shaving experience, with pre-shave oils, shaving soaps, and shave balms. In 2014, founder, Tim Gutwald spent months testing synthetic and natural shaving products in search of the ultimate shaving experience. Paying precise attention to a list of criteria that he wanted from a good shave, he identified that the synthetic ingredients gave excellent lather, but irritated his skin. Natural ingredients were obviously the solution, but he found the lather of these products disappointing. There was clearly a gap in the market for high quality, natural shaving soap that could also ensure a fabulous shaving experience.

So began Gutwald’s own process of experimenting with natural, rare and exotic ingredients. At the time, he was working in a demanding corporate financing job, but crafting the ultimate shave was a labor of love. He contacted professional barbers and product experts throughout North America, until he finally developed a shaving soap that satisfied his criteria. The product sold extremely well online, and retail stores began to place orders. For over a year and a half, he was still producing at night, out of his small apartment. Until early 2016, when he finally quit his job, and moved production to a roomier, dedicated manufacturing facility. Here, he can follow his passion unhindered, and build on his range of all-natural, superior shaving products.

Midnight & Two has gained a loyal following over a very short space of time, because the quality and performance of these outstanding products rivals that of the finest old world brands. Fresh, woody, and highly recommended for sensitive skin, the all-natural ingredients combine to hydrate and soften the skin. Pure luxury! The scents are compelling and masculine, including ingredients like pure argon oil, witch hazel, avocado and hemp. Aloe Vera features regularly for its natural antiseptic qualities. Midnight & Two has become popular for its bold and unearthly combinations like; Lavender, Tea Tree & Fine Balm; or Hemp, Coconut and Avocado; and Lemon, Lime & Tangerine. The Midnight & Two range of pre-shave oils, shaving soaps and balms Gentleman’s Blade carries have four unique and distinctive fragrances; namely “Provence”, “The Cabin”, “The Study” and “Citrus Island.”