Mug & Puck

From the early 16th century, and into the 21st, gentlemen have purchased round shaving soap refill pucks. Men of means traditionally owned several refillable glass jars, wooden and ceramic bowls, purchased from finer gentleman’s shops. Most men, however, invested in a mug from the local apothecary, with a refill puck of their favourite soap. For variety, they would invest in several different fragrances, re-wrapping the pucks in the original packaging when switching between them. It was common to see a neat stack of little cardboard soap boxes on one side of the medicine / toiletries cabinet.

The mug and puck approach endured for over 500 years because it was both economical and sustainable. A single porcelain or stoneware mug could last a man for a lifetime. Often mugs were passed down to sons or grandsons. When used up, the only waste was the paper packaging the soap refills came in; easily tossed into the wood stove or fireplace.

We have soap manufacturers hundreds of years old today because they have produced these wonderful “green” products. Their soap refills are available to both mug owners and those who purchase the original refillable bowls.

With the resurgence of wet shaving, gentlemen are ditching their aerosol cans and lathering up with a brush again. They are eagerly looking for new shaving fragrances to try, and we’ve seen the emergence of the artisan soap industry, scrambling to capitalize on this trend. But more than a few men have begun to feel a twinge of guilt, as their soap collection grows, along with the disposable plastic and aluminum jars that will soon find their way into the landfill site.

The good news is, gold ‘ol shaving mugs and refill pucks are still very popular. As always, they are an extremely affordable way for a gentleman to enjoy a wide variety of shaving soaps, while conscientiously doing his part to preserve our earth. And we’re seeing a new wave of artisans embracing the old values, who provide their soaps in a sustainable refill format.

Nothing lathers or shaves as well as a soap puck that’s been blooming in a warm mug or bowl while you’re in the shower. As Moneypenny reminded James in Skyfall, “Sometimes the old ways are the best.”

Buy 4, Get 1 Free

As traditional straight razor advocates, we’re huge fans of sustainable shaving, and not filling our landfills with blade cartridges and other crap. If you buy 4 assorted shaving refill pucks, enter the name of a 5th in-stock soap refill puck in the “Notes” field when you check out, and we’ll include it with your order without charge.

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