New Old Stock

Known as NOS products, we are sometimes able to pick up never-been-used razors, of vintage models that were never sold through. They’ve been in a warehouse or back shelves of a shop for decades, or sometimes they were received as a gift and never used, turning up in an estate sale along with the sender’s card.

Straight Razors

It’s important to note that exposure to oxygen over the years will often give the steel blade a patina, and may ‘age’ the scales, just as it would if it had been used in someone’s home. The attraction with NOS razors is that they are vintage, but in perfect condition for their age, often with all the original packaging and documentation.

Shaving Brushes, Mugs, Aftershaves & Colognes

We sanitize used vintage shaving brushes, but with NOS shaving brushes that have never been used, they are in factory sanitized condition.