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Christmas Straight Razor Shaving “Kit” #11

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High quality straight razor
Super soft synthetic shaving brush
Shaving brush stand
Pre-shave cream, shaving soap and aftershave
3″ wide leather / fabric strop
Leather sheath
Styptic pencil and alum block
Honed, stropped and fully shave ready
2 additional free honings

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This Straight Razor Will Be Shipped Fully Shave Ready


A complete kit: everything you need to get shaving with a straight razor

Every item in this ‘kit’ has been carefully hand picked by Cole for the new straight razor shaver. Not only does the set deliver a huge bang for the buck, it’s exactly what the new straight razor shaver needs to shave as soon as the package is opened.

When starting out, and mastering your technique, using Proraso White anti-irritation cream before the shave helps prepare and lubricate the skin, so the blade will glide over it more smoothly. Proraso White shaving soap lathers up well, and provides extra protection. When you’re starting out, you’re going to be rather slow, so re-hydrating the soap frequently is important. The Henri et Victoria Karma brush is luxuriously soft, and its synthetic bristles hold a lot of hot water, allowing you to apply more warm soap as needed.

After you complete 1 – 3 passes, you’ll want to wet the alum block and pass it over the skin. Alum is an antiseptic, and can address any tiny abrasions, nicks and cuts. It’s normal the first month or two to nick the skin. If you do give yourself a “weeper”, the Colonel Conk styptic pencil should stop the bleeding quickly. Just wet the tip of the pencil and dab it on the nick or cut. The final step is Proraso White shaving balm, a luxurious moisturizer.

For your razor, we’ve included a Thiers Issard Spécial-Coiffeur. Thiers Issard is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of straight razors. The razor has a 5/8″ round point blade, considered by most experts to be the ideal razor to start out on. The blade is a nice manageable size, and there’s no spike point to nick the skin. Not all straight razors leave the factory “shave ready,” so Cole has personally put a good JNat edge on the steel. There’s a leather sheath included, to protect your razor. And, as an added bonus, we’re including a free follow-up honing when the time comes.

A high quality Parker latigo leather strop is included. It’s 3″ wide, matching the length of the blade This means you don’t have to master the x-stroke before stropping your razor (as would be the case if the strop were narrower than the blade’s length). There’s also a fabric strop. You can use one side of the fabric for about 10 round-trip strokes before moving to 40 – 60 strokes on leather. And/or you could apply chromium oxide to one side of the fabric strop. CrOx is a mild abrasive, and can extend the length of time between honing sessions.

The set includes:
Pre-shave: Proraso White anti-irritation cream
Shaving soap: Proraso White for sensitive skin
Aftershave: Proraso White after shave balm
Styptic/Alum: Colonel Conk styptic pencil and Osma Bloc d’Alum
Straight razor: Thiers Issard 1937 Spécial-Coiffeur 5/8 with leather sheath (new)
Shaving brush: Henri et Victoria Karma synthetic (new)
Stand: powder finished shaving brush stand
Strop: Parker handmade 3″Latigo leather
Straight razor honing: fully shave ready, finished on a JNat

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The razor has been honed and stropped and is fully shave ready. It’s stropped, sanitized with alcohol, coated with a thin film of Dovo straight razor oil, and is ready to shave as soon as you remove it from the package. Just wipe of the thin film of protective oil on the blade, lather up, and go. If you or the gift recipient have any questions, just call Cole at 778-266-0141 for straight razor shaving support.

All straight razors we sell are fully shave ready. We put them through a water stone progression to 12,000 grit. This razor was then given a JNat finish, on an Ozuku Mizu Asagi Lv 5++ stone (approx. 15,000 grit). JNats (Japanese natural stones) are known for the exceptionally comfortable shave they provide.

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