H. Böker & Co. King Cutter Ivory Scale Vintage Straight Razor 5/8


Manufacturer: Heinr. Böker & Co.
Country: Solingen, Germany
Blade: 5/8
Metal: high carbon steel
Grind: full hollow
Point: square
Scales: French ivory
Stampings on tang: very readable
Date: est. 1910’s
Condition: good, buffed, sharpened and shave ready
Included: razor and box only


This Straight Razor Will Be Shipped Fully Shave Ready

This Böker razor is in very good condition. The etchings on the blade are still very visible, and a faint layer of the original 24K gold fill remains. The blade is shiny and in very usable condition, but does have some minor pitting. The French ivory scales are in good condition, and the blade centres well. It has taken a very keen edge and shaves well. The original box is included, and it’s also in good condition.

Here’s what we were able to discover about this razor. King Cutter model razors have been made for over 130 years, and are still in current production. The H. Böker plant began manufacturing premium quality straight razors in Solingen, Germany in 1869. The focus was on delivering the very finest steel blades and they soon earned an impeccable international reputation. King Cutters have been made since 1869, but based upon the tree stamp on the tang, and the blade etchings, it would appear that this one was made at about 1915.

All straight razors we sell are fully shave ready. This razor was then given a JNat finish, on an Ozuku Mizu Asagi Lv 5++ stone (above 16,000 grit). We put straight razors through a water stone progression to 5,000 grit, followed by Botan, Tenjyou, Mejiro and Koma Asano-stamped Mikawa Shiro nagura, and finally the ultra-fine Tomo nagura on our JNat. JNats (Japanese natural stones) are known for the exceptionally comfortable shave they provide. It’s been fully stropped, sanitized with alcohol, coated with a thin film of Dovo paraffin oil, and is ready to shave as soon as you remove it from the package. Carefully wipe the oil from the blade with a tissue and it’s ready to use.


Note: This is a well used razor and is sold as is. There are scuffs and scratches, faint traces of dirt remaining between the scales, modest hone wear and a patina commensurate with a razor of this age. Any other shaving items in the photo are props and not included with your razor purchase.

Due to the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens, potential honing damage and scuffs and corrosion resulting from daily use, we cannot accept returns of used straight razors.



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