Henri et Victoria Karma Synthetic Shaving Brush

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Knot diameter: 25 mm
Hair: synthetic
Hair loft: 58 mm
Handle material: acrylic
Made in Canada


At Henri et Victoria it was felt that having two models of badger shaving brush required a little karma re-balancing. To achieve this goal, they found the best synthetic bristle they could get their hands on. They used a large knot so that it would create massive lather without being too big to lose control; something we all love. To all the badgers, this is Henri et Victoria’s way to say they are sorry. Good karma to you.

This is a synthetic bristle shaving brush. It feels incredibly soft. It has a wide 25mm knot to give it great lathering capacity.  Because it is a synthetic shaving brush, there is no requirement of prep time or pre-moisturizing the brush in water before use. The loft is high at 58mm; this also helps the lathering, with enough hair to be able to bend like a whisk and create your richest lather.

The black handle and blue logo give it a funky look. It is a very versatile brush for either face or bowl lathering. Shipped in a blue stylish new box.


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