Mitchell’s Wool Fat Luxury Shaving Soap in Ceramic Bowl

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Weight: 4.4 oz (125g)
Made in England


This soap is based upon a century-old formulation created by Mr. Mitchell himself. A true classic and one of the most luxurious soaps ever made. It lathers up well, with a little coaxing, provides a slick layer of extraordinary protection between straight razor and skin, and is extremely gentle particularly for sensitive skin. This natural shave creme is based on wool-fat lanolin to deliver its incredible softening and conditioning properties. (Lanolin is 100% cruelty free and sustainable, a by-product of the annual sheep shearing. Shearing sheep makes them more comfortable during the hotter months, while providing wool that keeps humans warm in the colder months.)

But how do you present such a luxurious product? In an exquisite covered ceramic bowl that makes a subtle statement in any gentleman’s washroom.

Consider joining the thousands of wet shavers that observe “Fat Fridays”, enjoying a luxuriously perfect shave before heading to work on the last business day of each week.

The best shaves begin in the shower. Mitchell’s offer a brilliant soap, body wash and shampoo to enjoy while the puck’s blooming in preparation for that memorable shave. Mitchell’s Wool Fat also comes in a convenient refill puck. Reload the ceramic bowl for life, or feel free to put the 3″ puck into your favourite wooden bowl or mug.

Gentleman's Blade Staff Pick

In my humble opinion, best damn shaving soap ever made. It may not lather up quite as readily as some products, but we’re supposed to be men, right? Put some muscle in it! The lather is rich and provides incredible protection. And the post-shave feel can’t be beat. As a honemeister, I can tell you that lanolin does more than protect your skin, it leaves a thin protective film on your blade as well, helping to prevent corrosion. If you only can only justify investing in one soap, this is all you will ever need.

— ricky2sharp —





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