Parker SRX Heavy Duty Shavette Barber Safety Razor

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Mechanism: swing-gate “clip” type
Weight: 2.3 oz
Length: 5 1/4 in
Razor arm: stainless steel
Handle: stainless steel
Made in India


The newly re-designed heavy duty Parker SRX, based upon the classic SR-1, is in use in barber shops and salons around the world. It features a swing-gate “clip” closing mechanism to lock the blade securely in place. The stainless steel blade arm is much heavier than most shavettes. The handle is also stainless steel, not aluminum. It’s precision balanced for professionals who must perform hot towel barber shaves all day.

Founded in 1973, Parker has been a leading manufacturer of men’s grooming tools for over four decades. Shavettes’ versatility and hygienic replacement of blades has made them the choice for professional barbers and hairstylists. The convenience of never having to strop or hone the blade makes them a popular option for home wet shavers.

Accepts standard DE (double edge) safety razor blades, snapped in half. For professional use, we recommend Derby Professional single edge blades.


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