Wet Shaver’s Damage Control Kit

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Shavex alum bar: 125g approx
Styptic pen: 7 ml / .25 oz
Alum matchsticks: 2 booklets of 20
Bump Eraser: 120 ml (4 oz.)
Nick/cut concealer: 75g / 0.27 oz


Real men may shave with straight razors or double edge blades, but manly doesn’t mean you have to look like your face has been to hell and back.

Shavex Alum Block

The ultimate alum block. These alum antiseptic crystal cubes leave no residue, have a longer shelf life and are less prone to developing cracks than other alum blocks. Shavex blocks are made from naturally occurring alum deposits, and include no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Use your Shavex block as a natural healer, facial skin toner, natural deodorant and antiseptic tool. It cools down razor burn instantly, and addresses minor nicks, cuts and blemishes. If shaving oils or soaps have left fingers slippery, a touch on the alum block can restore your ability to pull the skin taught for optimal straight razor shaving. Passing the alum over your skin immediately following the cool after shave splash of water helps close open pores to leave skin smooth and radiant.

Pacific Shaving Company ‘Nick Stick’ Styptic Pen

Shaving is no way to give blood.®

Let’s face it – nicks are an inevitable consequence of shaving. Now you can put them in their place with this small but mighty Nick Stick®. And with vitamin E and Aloe, it will help soothe your skin, too.

Nicks happen. Now you can do something about it – without the tissue paper or styptic pencils that dissolve and make a mess.

• Put nicks in their place – no more tissue paper
• Dries clear – no chalky residue
• Liquid roll-on with self sterilizing applicator

How to use:
• Dry affected area and apply Nick Stick. Use as needed.

The Legends Alum Matchsticks (2 booklets)

A fresh alternative to messy styptic pencils lying about the shaving den. These ‘matches’ have become very popular in London’s elite barbershop district. Disposable and hygienic. The Legends alum matches stop bleeding from minor nicks and cuts, and have anti-bacterial properties. They help close pores after a shave, and aid in the prevention of skin irritation and razor burn.

Simple! Tear a match out of the booklet, pass the head under a running stream of water, and dab the nick or cut.

Bump Eraser

Bump Eraser Spray, with its combination of active herbal ingredients, has proven to treat razor bumps, caused by ingrown hairs, and to treat after burn, as well as razor burn.

Bump Eraser Spray increases fluid flow into the pores of the ingrown hairs, and straightens them out. With its rich herbal formula, it assists customers affected by shaving related skin irritation.

e.l.f. Nick & Cut Concealer

Accidents happen. If you get a shaving nick or a cut, this concealer will hide it, so nobody will notice your shaving boo boo. Dab the nick with the applicator, then tap with a finger to blend it in. Blood and toilet paper patches are not sexy; they just make you look clumsy. Every movie action hero swears by his concealer.

e.l.f. is amazing! Not only does it cover up the occasional straight razor cut; this high definition, skin firming concealer hides imperfections and regenerates the skin for added radiance. Minimizes fine lines and helps even skin tone for a youthful look. The formula is infused with key ingredients Vitamin C, Green Tea and Mulberry for lifting and soothing benefits, and to help improve skin texture.


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