Shavette Straight Razors

Shavette-style barber straight razors were initially developed for professional barbershop, salon and medical use. In some countries, it’s still possible to get an old fashioned barber shave, with soap applied directly to the face with a brush, and simply a wipe of the blade on the barber’s towel between customers. In North America, replaceable blade straight razors are required by law.

A true professional razor can withstand the heat of an Autoclave, for sterilization, and the mechanism allows a new blade to be easily inserted for every customer. Models like the Dovo Shavette® Inox, Feather Professional Artist Club DX, Feather Professional Artist Club SS and Parker SRX will stand up to heavy daily professional use.

It’s the incredible convenience of disposable blades that has made shavettes an attractive option for home wet shavers as well. There’s no honing or stropping involved; just pop in a new blade every 2 or 3 shaves and the edge will always perfect. Even men who shave with a traditional straight razor at home, will take a shavette when traveling. Shavettes tend to be a bit more compact (shorter), and they don’t require packing a strop.

Shavettes are also a great way for someone to test the waters with a straight, without investing a lot of money. If the shavette experience is enjoyable, the new convert can confidently upgrade to a traditional straight razor and strop. Since home razors will not be tossed into an Autoclave, or dunked in Barbicide every night, less expensive handle materials like plastic and wood are available, providing some stylish options, while also reducing the price appreciably.