Soapy Bathman

Soapy Bathman is an artisan shaving soap and aftershave range, developed and produced by Canadian craftsman, Chris Erskine. The story goes back to 2011, when Erskine experimented with home-made “melt and pour” soaps that he and his son were make as Christmas gifts. The process piqued Erskine’s interest, and some months after that Christmas, he discovered the cold process method.

Erskine loves the process of making his own combinations, testing them, and seeing the success of a popular scent. Allowing him to be scientific and creative at the same time, Soapy Bathman is also a reflection of Erskine’s ongoing drive to innovate. The range continues to grow, having grown from shaving soaps, to bar soaps, lotions, aftershave balms and more.

Soapy Bathman’s scents are well-loved by fans of the brand, with tones being described as warm, spicy, sweet, and woody. But probably the most notable thing about this range is the wide variety of scents, and unique naming conventions. The names are as broad, and abstract as the scents themselves, but everybody agrees, that when they smell the product, the name makes perfect sense. Available products in the range include; “Barbershop Quartet”, “Black Magic”, “After the Rain”, “Bonsai!!”, “Cedar and Sandalwood”, “Crisp Bay Rum”, “Cigar Lounge” “Cup of Joe”, “Honey, I’m Home”, “Desperado”, “Irish Waterfalls”. “Italian Almonds”, “Happy Hour”, “Cleaned Laundry”, “Pacific Oak”, “Nightclub”, “Story time”, “Spices of Provence” and “Tropical Lime”.