Stirling Soap Company

The Stirling Soap Company was founded by Roderick and Amanda Lovan. It all started with a trip to Scotland. Their experience left them with a deep realization that many of the products they took for granted, and simply bought on the shelves, contained mostly chemicals. In fact, many of the body soaps they bought and tested would not be described as soap at all.

The primary objective at Stirling Soap is to make all-natural, artisanal soap accessible and affordable. They have developed a range of shaving products that adhere to a strict code of environmental, and product sustainability, with all natural ingredients. The result is a soap that is gentle and extremely effective.

Stirling Soaps are free of phthalates, petroleum, alcohol, dyes and all chemical additives. The products represent an incredible value. Available products in the Stirling line include shaving soaps, shaving balms, and brushes.