Straight Razor Honing

Shave ready straight razor honing
To set the bevel, and refine the edge, we put razors through a water stone progression to 12,000 grit. Your razor is then finished on an Ozuku Mizu Asagi Lv 5++ stone (over 16,000 grit) Japanese natural stone. Jnats are known for the comfortable shave they provide, and usually all that’s required after this final step is stropping on leather. The razor is then shave tested, sanitized, coated with a thin film of Dovo paraffin straight razor oil, and wax sealed in Daubert Cromwell’s VCI anti-corrosion paper.

Gentle restoration
Many customers have been asking us to provide the same gentle restoration processes we would perform on a vintage razor we clean up for resale, so we offer a clean and buff upgrade to our honing service.