Vintage & Antique Straight Razors – Fully Shave Ready

We keep our eye open for vintage (over 20 years old) and antique (over 100 years old) straight razors that are known for their exceptional quality and outstanding steel. When we find one we believe we can clean and buff, then put a keen edge on, we’ll gently restore it and make it available to collectors or shavers who can appreciate these timeless pieces.

We do not believe in polishing razors to a mirror finish, much shinier than brand new, so dimensions are actually altered. And we avoid removing the patina, gold washes and gold plating, etching on the blade, the manufacturer’s stamps, and even the fine sanding belt marks from the original grind. We believe aggressive polishing significantly devalues the piece as a collectible, so our buffing is limited to removing a bit of rust, pitting, grime and scuff marks. We don’t replace original scales and pins for the same reason, although we may tighten hinge pins to improve shaving performance.

A vintage razor had a life before you, and trying to remove all traces of its past diminishes it. You have the opportunity to become part of its future. If you’re looking for a clean, original, un-modified, honed to a keen edge, and ready-to-use, vintage straight razor, you are at the right place. If you’re looking for a gleaming, mirror polished and pimped out razor with new exotic scales, it’s a custom razor “re-manufacturer” you’re looking for. Anything “vintage” about the razor has generally been obliterated in the process of creating your new razor creation.

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